Monday, January 25

Out the nose

Me being the brilliant Mommy, thinks, "Ooo, if I can set Jolee down, I will be able to type with both hands and then I can get so much more typed out." So, I very carefully set Jolee down, she starts to wake, so i lay down next to her to cuddle her and she goes back to sleep. I think "yes!" and as I am thinking "yes!" Jolee pops open her eyes and gives me a huge grin. My thought "oh so cute," and then Jolee spits ups and sneezes at the same time and milk comes flying out her nose at me. So now I have a very awake baby who is completely cranky because of having spit up come out of her nose and she won't let me clean it off, of course.

Well, I finally got her cleaned up and happy and she is playing with her toys, but now she is doing some serious grunting, so I don't think I will get to type anymore for now. Off to diaper duty.

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Destiny said...

Gotta love mommyhood. She's getting so big. She's such a cutie.