Sunday, June 13

8 teeth

After another sleepless night, Jolee now has 8 teeth. Hopefully tonight will be a restful one. Jolee is being super goofy. She called GrammS and talked on the phone. More like yelled at the phone. Hopefully Mom Swann's ears aren't too damaged. Jolee showed how independent she is becoming at church today. She wanted to walk around all by herself, holding hands is for one year olds, not one year and 13 day olds. As we were getting ready to head home, she decided it was time for her to go exploring and she trotted off the opposite way. We said bye and starting walking away, so Jolee waved bye over her shoulder and continued on her own way. One and going on 13. At least she is small enough for me to pick up and carry to the car; I doubt I will be able to when she is a teen. She also has been snuggly today. Nothing melts my heart like her giving me googly eyes and wrapping her little arms around my neck and giving me the biggest hug she can muster. I love my little girl, teething and all!

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