Sunday, June 6

Jolee's Birthday

(Jolee brushing her hair to get ready for the day)

For Jolee's birthday we started the day with a present from Mommy and Daddy. We gave her a music/educational table (you can see her playing with it in the video). She really likes it and is frequently playing all kinds of music with it. Recently she has decided that climbing up onto it is the best idea. We have been discouraging this. Anyways, back to her birthday. So we lounged around a bit and played. After a nap, we went over to the mall to Picture People and had birthday pictures taken.
Next we stopped at Color Me Mine, which is an awesome pottery store where you get to paint your own pottery and then they glaze and fire it. We painted a vase and Jolee put hand prints on it. So cute!
Then, Jolee played at the kid area. Mostly she just walked around holding our hands and squealing in delight that she got to be with all of the kids. She had the hugest grin on her face! We then heading to Sunflower Market and bought some rice cream (ice cream made out of rice milk, she still can't tolerate dairy). Once we got home, we sang her "Happy Birthday" and let her devour her first bowl of rice cream. She LOVED it. After a quick bath, we went to the park and played with some of our friends. Jolee loved all of the extra attention and she had a blast being carried around and absolutely spoiled by our friend's kids. What a great day! We are so grateful to have Jolee as our daughter and for the joy she brings to us. Happy 1st Birthday Pretty Princess!

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