Sunday, June 6

Challenges for the Lemonade Makers Team

We have 19 days until Seattle Rock and Roll and in an unfortunate turn of events, our running team of 4 has decreased down to a running team of 2. Randy and I are the only Lemonade Makers that are going to be able to run for Susan's Foundation. As this is the case, we are really hoping to reach our fundraising goal. Only $790 more to go. There is no minimum donation level, even $1 would be very happily accepted. Can't donate, but know someone who can or who might be interested in our cause? Send along the link to our blog. All of the funds raised will help young adult cancer patients. For a first hand look into cancer in young adults, please read Susan's blog. She candidly told of her experience until the end. She was definitely an inspiration to me and is the reason that I am running. As our training continues and we are getting closer and closer to race day, the frequency in which I think about Susan increases. Heres to keeping Susan's kindness and generosity alive. Feel free to email anyone and let them know about this opportunity to make a difference. Also, donations are tax deductible so keep a record of your donations for a write off on next year's taxes.

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