Monday, February 18

Our Beginning

After reading many other blogs we have finally decided (actually more so finally have some free time) to make our own little blog for you all to read. So here is a introduction of us. Randy is a Preston Idaho native who grew up in a bustling semi-farm home. After serving his mission he felt prompted to move to the blisteringly hot (at least to him) desert of Tucson Arizona. Shortly after his move, he went to a church service project at the cannery (bagging rice for the homeless shelters). Just a note: at the cannery hair nets are required. On with the story, so Randy is brand new and knows no one so he is at a table all by his lonesome, the only unfull table in the cannery. In walks Sarah, a Mesa Arizona native (who by the way is enjoying the cold weather in Tucson). So the only table available is the one with Randy at it, so she thinks "cute guy, I have no problem working with him." Let me remind you, both are in hair nets. Sarah walks up to the table, love fills the air and nine days later, they are engaged. There is of course more to the story, but we will leave that for another blog.