Sunday, February 24

Photo Recovery Celebration

We were given this amazing digital picture frame for Christmas. We were so excited to use it, that we plugged in our memory card to watch over pictures. A few days later, I was attempting to copy pictures off of the memory card to the computer and to my absolute horror, all the pictures were gone. The frame ate the pictures. I was devistated. We tried to find a way to recover them, but to no avail. Today when I was downloading pictures of Randy's cheesecake, some miracle made all the pictures that were lost appear. So I now have all of the missing pictures from my graduation, Christmas, and other important pictures. Time for a little victory dance! Hip-hip-horray!


Robin said...

Thats scary, I'm glad you got all your pics back!

The Olsen Family said...

Hey, I am sorry that happened to you. It happened not too long ago for me also. But luckly i was in the same boat i got them all back :) So Congrats :)