Friday, May 2

Sarah's day off

We had so much fun bowling on my birthday that we decided to go bowling more often. This month Tucson bowl has discounted bowling prices 99 cents a game. Once again Randy was beaten by a girl!

Game One:
Randy 54 Sarah 112

Game Two:
Randy 96 (with a turkey in the 10th frame) Sarah 111

Game Three:
Randy 78 Sarah 128

Game Four:
This was practice for learning to pick up spares, I bowled first for Randy and then he had to pick up, then he bowled first for me and I had to pick up. So no competition this round.

Game Five:
Randy 68 Sarah 103

If anyone wants to go bowling with us, let us know. The next time we are planning to go bowling is in two weeks. My schedule is all screwy next week, so we don't get any days off together. Randy is gone all day Tuesday and Thursday for school and, of course, those are my days off. Next week will be love note week.


Robin said...

We'd love to go with you in a couple of weeks. Next week doesn't work for us either, going on Vacation, yippee. Call me or email. Can't wait! BTW, I stink at bowling too, lol.

Joshua said...

We will go bowling with you too. Our place or yours? I think ours will be easier since you guys can travel easier and quicker than we can.