Tuesday, May 13

Dancing Roadrunner

We went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and we got to see the keep feed the roadrunner. He said it was mating season and that a roadrunner will dance around and carry its food in order to show off for a mate. I guess the roadrunner really liked the keeper. I will try to post the video later, it just won't load right now. But here are a few pictures...

Pictures of said road runner hold his mouse (yeah death to mice)

Randy with Daniel and Lisa Anderson's daughter Kyana (sp? sorry Lisa). Randy someday will be a great daddy.
Randy with Caleb Anderson.
A mommy hummingbird
Her babies
Tucson looking beautiful for our drive home.


Daniel said...

You were close, her name is Kaiana. :-) Your pictures turned out really cute!

- Lisa

Robin said...

How fun! Randy, you will be an excellent daddy. And you will be able to get your little babies to sleep when Sarah can't, hehe. We need to get together sometime.