Saturday, June 28

Long over due update

Okay, so I am sorry for not posting in forever. In my defense, I have spent entirely too much time at work. I am averaging 50+ hours a week lately and it has taken a tole on my attitude. Randy and I decided that I need to spend a bit less time and work and more time relaxing. So I had a massage done on Thursday (I was sick, so I had the day off, no sick nurses allowed at the hospital). Next week is our 4th anniversary and we are going to Mesa. We are staying at the Westgate Painted Mountain Golf Resort (East Mesa). Our plan is too spend as much time as possible at the Temple (horray!) and then the rest of the time relaxing and swimming, etc. I am so excited.

I am soooooooo glad that Randy is home from scout camp. Here is a picture of what he looked like when he got home.

Randy went to church the next Sunday without shaving and the bishop teased him saying that he must be the most exhausted of the leaders because he was the only one who was too tired to shave. It was actually my fault that he didn't shave because I decided it was time for him to grow a beard. He is bad at shaving daily (he is at home most days doing homework) and I am getting sick of being kissed "by a porcupine" (Randy said that). My face is often red and hurting because of his prickles (I refer to it as kissing really rough sandpaper). So I thought, at least the beard will be softer. Randy was glad the bishop teased him so that he could shave and I wouldn't fight it. Oh well, if I show up and my face around my lips are red, you know we have been making out. I am brutely honest, what can I say? :)
Oh, during Randy's time at scout camp I kidnapped one of my good friends and coworkers, Christy Rauch (aka Nurse Slaughter, Slaughter is her maiden name, how much better can that be). Randy warned us not to stay up talking all night, but we must have not been listening. Thanks Christy for the slumber party! The rest of the week I worked, worked, worked. Thank-you to all who offered to have me over. I definately wanted to take you up on the offer, but I would have felt bad showing up at 8pm and leaving at 5am.
Hmmmm, what else happened? Randy has been loving observing at the school. He has fallen in love with the cuteness, silliness and goofiness of kindergartners (sp?) and he is planning on possibly being a kindergartner teacher instead of special ed, but we will see what he decides, he has a lot of time left. Also, he had a interview with NAU to get into their program. We are still waiting to find out the verdict.
Randy says that this is long enough for now and he wants me to go with him to pick up the car (I will tell you that story later.)

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