Saturday, May 23

Baby Shower 1

Thanks to Samantha for such a great baby shower. Sorry it has taken me forever to get these up, but hey, I have all sorts of excuses :). Here is a video from the pictures that were taken. PS Randy made the video, he is such a sweet heart.

The shower was a blast! Everyone drew a picture of a baby face on a paper plate, while the plate was on her head, it was hilarious. Then we did the whole guess how big Sarah's baby belly is. Just if you were wondering, my belly was 48inches (4 ft, YIKES!!!) around. We also competed to see who could hang baby clothing on a line the fastest while holding a baby doll. Here are everyone's times in seconds:

Aubrey 25. Anna Jo 45. Autumn 50. GramE (my mom) 27. Auntie Em (my sister) 31. Janeen 28. Annette 38. Nora 42. Melanie 26. Christy 27. April 27. Natalie 25. Leann 39. Emma 41. Abbey 51. Me 26.

It was so funny to watch all of the different techniques used to speed the process. It made for some good ideas for me as we are planning to cloth diaper and cloth diapers do best drying on the line rather than in a dryer.

Thank-you also to Samantha for the suprize birthday cake for me!

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The Olsen Crew said...

What a fun idea! I hadn't heard of that game before- I hope you got lots of fun baby stuff :D