Friday, May 29

A Date!

Due to the fact that we only have a little bit of time left that we will be able to go out easily without the need of babysitters and worrying about our little one while we are gone, we decided that we ought to enjoy dating. Yesterday Randy took me out to Coldstone for some delicious ice cream (dessert first is always a great idea) and then out to Chili's for tasty dinner. Chili's has a portion control menu which we ordered off of. For being "portion controlled" they still gave us a ton of food. I could only eat half of my meal. I am scared to think about what a "normal" serving is. We spent the whole night just talking away. It was a great evening.


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

i miss dates like that. But its even worse when you actually have kids and you leave them with someone and you think you are going to talk about all this different stuff but you end up talking about the kids and thinking about them. We went on a cruise on October and all we could do was think of the kids and talk about how much we missed them. enjoy it while you can

Becky said...

When your baby is small, most likely you'll be able to take him/her absolutely everywhere for the first few months. But, it is smart to get in some couple time before the joys of being on 24/7 call to breastfeed!