Tuesday, May 26

Out with C&C

On May 15th, we headed down to Sierra Vista for some well needed visiting time with C&C! C and I went through nursing school, worked as nurses aids during school, did our externship in the ICU, graduated, oriented to the ICU, worked ICU/SDU, and enjoyed pregnancy together. So I guess you could say we have been through all sorts of things together and have grown to be great friends! So we drove down and spent a few days chilling and chatting.
C Mom definately has C Dad beat!
Aren't we just too cute!
Our babies kissing. (C is due a month after me, she definately has the height to help keep her from turning into a blimp like me.)

On the 16th, we headed up to a secret get-away (well not so secret, Ramsey Canyon). And we took off for a hike in the fresh air.
Randy was kind enough to hold the tree up so that I didn't have to try to climb over it with my off centeredness. He is so strong!
C Dad made sure C Mom didn't fall down the hill as we hiked.
We weren't going to let a little thing like 8-9 months pregnant slow us down!
These trees liked each other so much that they grew together.
We saw some deer. They ignored us and just walked along the path as we gawked at them. They must not have heard me thinking about how delicious venison is.
The men reading a sign. Hey, they do know how to read maps after all!
We made sure that we checked each bench we passed for sturdiness and comfort for those who would come after us. Aren't we so nice!
Taking a shade break.
We passed a bunch of bird watchers who were amazed to see such a lovely pair of birds.

A last view before turning back (hey the ladies needed a bathroom STAT!)

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The Olsen Crew said...

I love your captions- too funny! The great thing about showing a lot is the out-pouring of sympathy from everyone... at least from the ones with any tact :)