Wednesday, February 17

Getting Back on Track

So for yesterday's run... to start, Randy is sick and couldn't go running with me, so I had to run alone. In order to make the run a little more pleasant, I took the MP3 player. Such a good thing to take, yipee for distraction, especially when soreness is involved. I ran the 24 minutes without a problem, I was even still smiling at 22 minutes. I wasn't as fast as last Saturday, but I still got 2.1 miles in. Wooo hooo! I as so glad that I didn't repeat another run like Monday's. I was all hyped up after this run (I probably could have run another mile). I am glad to be liking running again.

This morning's run has to do with dogs again, but this time actually dogs, not coyotes. I got up early to run before my morning walk with my friend. I actaully got ready a little too fast and I didn't want to have to wait in the cold for too long before she got there, so I lolligagged for a bit. It was finally time to go, so I opened the door, went outside, locked the door. I got to the gate and opened the gate, just to have a huge dog run at me. I quickly slammed the gate and screamed (hey, it scared me, it was still O dark 30 in the morning). The dog kept trying to the get into the back yard with me, so I was yelling at the dog "GO AWAY." Clearly this dog didn't speak English. About this time, I realized that I was yelling and that Randy and Jolee were still asleep and if I kept yelling, they wouldn't remain sleeping. I stopped yelling and started whispering "go away." Well, you think I would have realized that if yelling didn't work, then whispering wouldn't have either. So about this time, I decided to threaten, "I you don't go away I am going to spray you with the hose." Dog still didn't go away and was still trying to get into the yard. Muahahaha, cold water works like a charm. I hosed that big old dog down, ran to the car, got in and locked the door (just to be on the safe side), and I was off. As I pull out of the driveway, the dog showed up again, this time with a friend. So the two dogs ran around my car as I attempted to drive away. When we got to the main street, they got disracted, and I took off like the wind. When I got to the park, I was still a bit scared (stupid dog) and of course, I was the only one there. So I hid in the car until another person showed up. I did get my run in, all 18 mintues scheduled for today. Whew! What a morning. Rest day is scheduled for tomorrow (insert happy dance). Hopefully Randy will be back to good health and I will stay in good health for our 26 minute run on Saturday. (Friday is cross training day, this week is belly dancing, fun). 

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