Saturday, February 20

Excuse Me, I'm Sitting Here

Okay, just as a warning, this post references breastfeeding. So you're warned. Anyways, on to the story. A few days ago, when Randy was sick, we were all tired, so we laid down for a nap. Jolee slept between Randy and I in our bed. She woke up before we did, as usual, and she woke me up. She was hungry and I was tired, so I fed her while lying in bed. She has gotten to the point where sitting or lying still while eating is just too boring for her, so she often will try to stand or roll around while eating (yes, life is a bit hectic while trying to feed a dancing baby). As she is eating, she does her usual try to stand up and eat. She turned sideways in the bed, and sat on Randy's face. Randy, of course, says "hey." Jolee stops, looks at Randy as if to say "what" and "you're the one in MY way." Then Jolee went back to eating and pounds her tush right into Randy's face again and again. By this time, I am laughing hysterically and Randy decides that the bed is not a safe place to lay, so he made his escape. I love when her personality pops out :)


The Olsen Crew said...

HAHAHA! Awesome! How ironic, I had a nursing-in-bed experience this morning, too- Fred and I first snuggled Kai before I hooked him up.. then he kept breaking away to grin at Fred. At one point Fred left and the next time Kai looked he said with perfect articulation, "Pa-pa?"

anna said...


Aimee & Josh Jensen said...

Babies are the best!
Landon is just starting that and I love it! I laughed everytime Mylee did it but it sure makes it hard to cover them while nursing in public lol