Tuesday, February 9

Mess = Bath Time

A few weeks ago we had the missionaries over for dinner. Jolee refused to wear a bib and proceeded to have one of her messiest dinners yet!
There is just something really fun about squishing cereal in between fingers and smearing it everywhere :)
One of Jolee's favorite things to do is to blow rasberries. Although this is slightly dangerous for whoever is feeding her (namely me this night)
I am starting to think that somewhere in that innocent little mind of her's she has come to understand that if she gets messy enough, then she gets to take a bath. My little girl loves baths so much that I think she might be part fish.
Here she is going for the soap. She would grab the soap, drop it over the side of the bathtub, then lean over the tub and try to reach it. It is definately a splishy splashy event when Jolee bathes.
Covered in cereal or covered in soap bubbles, either way is fun for our Jolee.
Jolee and I post bath. I am a little wet, but it is worth watching how much fun she has and for that mmmmm mmmmm clean baby smell.


Saddie said...

love your blog. Love you. Love Jolee. love love love. Have a happy Valentines day with your 2 sweethearts.!!!

Saddie said...

hey sarah change my name to JoAn instead of Saddie... i don't know how... thank you! and I love Randy too!