Monday, March 29

Ellsworth Grandparents Come for a Visit

We were so blessed to have Jolee's Grandpa and GrammE come all the way to Tucson to visit. They came in Sunday morning and went to church with us. Here is Grandpa lying on the floor. I gave him a back rub, and Jolee came to help. She looks so cute in her dress from Aunt Emily.
Grandpa loves his Jolee girl! She even got to be called "pumpkin," which is what Daddy called me as a little girl. Not spoiled at all, well maybe a little :)
Jolee had fun talking to everyone. She can be surprizindly loud for such a little person.
Yes, we are still running (more on that later, yes another dog and running story). Anyways, Randy and I took GrammE running with us Monday morning while Grandpa had the task of snuggling Jolee at home. They are so cute together. GrammE is training for her 1st mini-triathalon (not bad for someone who has already past her 25th anniversary of her 25th birthday), so she was a willing running partner. We ran 3 miles at about a 11 minute mile. Way to go all 3 of us. Here are GrammE, Mom, and Jolee.
My big plans for the day included going and getting a family pictures done, which didn't work out, bummer, so I had to just settle for pictures using my camera.
We then headed to the Pima Air and Space Museum. Grandpa is a huge airplane fan and he could tell us more about the planes than any of the signs did. Grandpa even flew in a plane (well kinda).
GrammE and Mom showed that they are actually weird enough to come from outer space.
Jolee enjoyed the trip because most of it was outside and she got to ride in her stroller.
By the end though she had had enough of the stroller and was ready for some good snuggle time with Daddy.
Thank-you Grandpa and GrammE for making the trip down to see us! We love you!

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