Tuesday, March 2

Jolee Shorts (short stories that is)

Layout as follows: Picture and then story.

First up is ladybug pjs. Sears was having a super sale on kids clothing so we headed over and started to search through the clothing. We found the cutest ladybug pjs so we put them in the cart and continued looking, only to find another super cute ladybug pjs, but this one had little antenna on the ladybugs on the feet. I thought we had put one back, only to find out that Jolee now has two almost identical ladybug pjs. So if you see Jolee wearing what looks like the same outfit back to back, she isn't, the feet are different.
Early morning running is not the most fun thing to do, but it forces us run that day. So lately we have been getting up at 4:45am and running. Jolee generally sleeps through the entire run while riding in her stroller. After Randy and I run, Randy heads home to get ready for school, while Jolee and I walk with my friend, Aubrey. Here she is all bundled up after we got home. Oh and by the way, training is going well. We have had some set back with Randy and then Jolee being sick, but we are back to daily running. Actually, I need to hurry and finish typing so we can go run now.
So, onto our next story. Poor Jolee caught Randy's cold and ended up with a nasty cold and double ear infections. She is on antibiotics and is slowly starting to feel better. She is still super snuggly and wants lots of Mommy time, good thing I have been home the last few days. Oh and Randy ended up with double ear infections too and he is also on antibiotics.
Being a big girl. Jolee has decided that since she is now just three months away from her year mark (yikes it has gone by so quickly), that it is time for her to be allowed to help with whatever she wants. Lately, her goal is to help Mommy empty the dryer. Although most of the cloths end up on the floor is Jolee helps, I still love her wanting to be around me where ever I go and her non-stop curiosity.
There isn't really a story with this one, I just think she cute.
Peek-a-boo. Clearly Jolee has mastered the art of peek-a-boo. She will play this game over and over and over again. She especially loves it when she really "scares" Mommy. Her giggling is contangious and we usually end up playing for a half an hour before it is time for a new game. Also, this is her favorite game to play in the car on the way home from church. It definately helps when all she wants to do is get out of her car seat.
Real bananas. Jolee is starting to eat some real food instead of just baby food. Her favorite so far is bananas. If I am eating a banana, I have to hid if I don't want to share or Jolee will climb all over me to get a bite or two.
I made this play dress for Jolee one day because I was bored. It is from the legs of an old pair of capris. Not too bad for a quick sew job. I still need to hem the bottom and the sleeves, but I am nearly done.
We have learned that if we need Jolee distracted for a few minutes, a flashlight is the perfect tool. Not only does it glow, but it tastes good too!
Randy and I are book-a-holics. We love books. Our newest way to feed our addiction is to go to the Friends of the Library book sales. Since these sales, we have accumplated too many books for our bookcases to hold. We searched online and found and bought a pair of 7x3 foot bookcases. In thiis picture, Jolee is "guarding" a pile of books while we take out the old bookcases and put in the new. We really like the new bookcases. In fact, we have a few empty shelves that are just begging us to go to another sale and fill them.
 Looking cute for church: Pebbles hairstyle. Jolee's hair is longest right on the top of her head and I have been trying brush it and put clips in it, but she always seems to make a mess of her hair. So with the help of a baby pinner (Randy), I was able to have Jolee sit still enough for her little pony tail. Ohhh so cute!

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The Olsen Crew said...

What a fun post! She is one of the CUTEST lil' girls I have ever seen! Sorry about the ear infections- no fun :( G'luck with your training!