Monday, March 29

I'm Done!!

Jolee loves to take a bath. We try to giver a bath each night, but it does not always work. She usually does not want to get out and screams and screams if you do take her out. I was giving her a bath last night, she was in there for maybe 5 minutes and then grabs the side of the tub, stands up, and starts to holler, "I'm done, I'm done, I'm done." I told her that she was not done, after all I had not actually bathed her yet. I had let her play first so that she did not try to drink the soapy, dirty water from the tub. Jolee proceeds to grab my arm, lift her leg on to the edge of the tub and kind of rolled the rest of the way out right into my lap. I guess she really was done! I put her back in the tub and quickly scrubbed her down before taking her out for good.

On Saturday night, Jolee was having so much fun in the tub. She grabbed the cup that we use to wet and rinse her head off. Filled it full of water and then held it over the edge. Just as she was about to let go, I grabbed it and put it back in the tub. She attempted to do this two or three times before I decided that she was done and quickly scrubbed her down. She actually screamed that night when I took her out.

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Saddie said...

yeah! Thanks for more pics. I love them.