Tuesday, March 2

Words number 3 and 4

Jolee is so enamored with the dogs! It is a blast to watch her crawl (at lightening speed) to the sliding door to go and "talk" to the dogs. She has started to say two additional words to "Momma" and "Dada," she now says "hi" and "doggy." She stands at the door and bangs on it while yelling "hi doggy." She loves getting to go outside and pet the dogs. Her only desire is to sneak out and play while Mommy is going in or outside. I made a deal with her, when she is walking, then she can go outside and walk around, until then she only gets to go outside while being held. Xyla and Chonkiri are so good with her. They let her pet/pat/smack/etc. them and they just sit there. Such good doggies!

"I see you."

"I wish I could get those doggies!"

"I wonder how to get this door open?"

"DOGGIE!" Jolee petting Xyla

"TWO doggies!"

"Come here doggy"

"Too close."

"I got your lip"

"Got ya again."

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