Sunday, February 13

Big Helper!

 Jolee wanted to make popcorn so I told her the dishes had to be put away first. Here she is helping Daddy with the silverware. She loves to help.
 She also helps make the popcorn. She can scoop the kernels and pour them into the popcorn popper almost without help. I step in and turn on the popper and she will watch and let us know when it is done.
Today she got to help put spices on the popcorn, a first for her, and she had a blast. The popcorn ended up a little over spiced, but still tasty.
Jolee actually likes helping so much that she if she knows I am going to make popcorn she will come running while yelling "COMING, I COMING!" She then stands at the kitchen gate and says "elp?" She is so cute that I can't resist, and it is a good learning opportunity, right? I am such a softy.

Oh another thing. She was playing with her toys and she was trying to get a toy from the back of the entertainment center and she got her head stuck. It was so sad and funny at the same time. She was able to get her head out before we got to her, but she cried for a while and needed to snuggle after getting "stucky." Poor thing. She is fine now and back to playing like a crazy baby.

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Saddie said...

some days I love you all so much it hurts... like right now... I wish I could be there now... and not some crazy time in the future. Jolee is so cute and you guys are doing such a great job with her. lucky kids!!!