Wednesday, February 16

All Gone

Jolee loves fruit snacks, with a passion. To spoil Jolee, Sandy bought a huge box of fruit snacks. Every day, Jolee is always asking for "nacks." Yesterday, Sandy took Jolee to the zoo, shopping, and to lunch while I slept after working the previous night. When they got home, we were all lounging in the bedroom while Jolee was riffling through the diaper bag. To her great joy she found a package of fruit snacks and she ran over to me with a huge smile on her face and asked me to open it for her. I did and she sat on a foot stool to eat the spoils of her searching. I asked for one and with a very pained expression she handed one to me, only to drop her jaw when i actually ate it. I think she thought I was going to give it back. After that, she hopped off of the stool and turned around and emptied the bag of fruit snacks onto the stool and ran to throw away the bag. Sandy stopped her and told her that she would take her garbage and Jolee happily handed it over. Sandy then asked if she could have a fruit snack. Jolee got the biggest smile on her face and ran to the stool, popped all of the snacks in her mouth, quickly chewed and swallowed, turned back to Sandy and with her big smile said "All gone!"

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