Wednesday, February 9

Mess Maker

Jolee was sitting at the table, eating breakfast, so I took the free moment to run out to the mailbox to drop a letter off. I was outside for about one and a half minutes. In that time, Jolee pushed her chair away from the table as far as she could, but continued to eat her cereal, dripping cereal and milk all over the table, across the floor, and all over herself. I guess that's what I get for going to the mailbox. So I got a rag and made her get down and clean it up. She actually had so much fun cleaning that she didn't want to get back in her chair and eat. I had to convince her that she could clean again when she was done eating.

Last night, Randy and I were talking and Jolee was standing by the kitchen with a tissue blowing her nose. Well, we thought she just had a tissue. It turns out she had the whole box of tissue and decided that she needed all of it to make sure her nose was clean.

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