Monday, February 7

No Biting!

This morning when Jolee was in bed with me for our morning snuggle before we decide that we actually want to get up Jolee leaned over and grabbed my arm and bit me. I had to remind her not to bite (ouch!), but that kisses are okay. So instead of continuing to bite me, she gives me the biggest grin and attacks me with kisses all the while giggling hysterically. She will grab my face and kiss my nose, then my cheek, then my forehead, then my chin. She is just to silly. Right now she is sitting on the couch saying "shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe." She has one of my running shoes on and she is trying so hard to tie it. She had both of my shoes on last night, but just as I got the camera out, she pulled them off. I was a little quicker this morning and here she is in my shoe, messy hair and all.

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