Tuesday, June 24


That is not a relaxing AH!. It is the scream of frustration and stress. For those of you who do not know, I am taking four online classes tis summer and they happen to be all at the same time. I logged on Monday morning to take an exam, but the server would not allow me to save my answers. AAHH! By Monday afternoon the server was shut down and it has not been up since. Luckily this instructor is extendig due dates until friday, but I have no idea what the other instructors will do. I have no idea what the reading assignments are for this week. The only thing I can do for one class is follow the pattern. The instructor has been pretty consistent with her assignmetns. We have been reading the book chapter by chapter and have been going in order starting with chapter one. We have read two chapters a week, so it is pretty predictable as to what I need to read for that class. I hope that it is up and running by tomorrow. :( !!! FYI this "!" is known as the excited mark. I learned that today from the first graders that I am observing. I thought that I woudl share that little bit of cute humor with you. ENJOY!!!! Randy

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Robin said...

good luck w/ school!