Saturday, June 7

Going Ons

I have been meaning to post for a while now, but I have been a busy, busy girl. First off, we went camping... in our own backyard. Okay, so not quite out in the woods, but we did spot a "wild" animal.

We also have been shopping and preparing for Randy's week at scout camp. We got him a cot and a sleeping bag, among other things.
Trying it on.
Yep, it fits.
Randy told me that I had to get into to see how comfortable it was. Well, it was too comfortable, I actually feel asleep after lying in it for a minute or two and I didn't have a clue this picture was taken.
You can see my new workout trampoline in the background, we will see how that goes.

We have been feeding the birds. The sparrows and finch don't like the pigeons and when we feed the little wild birds, they keep the pigeons away. Definately worth the cost of the feeder and bird seed.

Some of the seed spilled and we are growing a sunflower and other types of seed.

Our vine has been doing quite nicely.

Randy has been growing a tree or two from seed.
The first tree is starting to get big and has been planted in the ground.
The second tree is still a baby tree.

I went to a baby shower.

Chonkiri has learned to wear pants.

Additional going ons... or on goings...

*No mice!!!!

*We moved the shed, built a patio for the shed, moved the shed back, bought and put together storage shelfs in the shed, and we organized the shed.

*Rearranged the bedroom.

*Went to the movies (Kung Fu Panda is awesome).

*Continued to work on Weight Watchers (Sarah is down 16.8lbs and Randy is down over 20lbs-I can't remember the amount).

*Randy has done a LOT of homework.

*Sarah has worked, gotten frustrated, worked, gotten frustrated, and worked some more.

I guess that is enough for now. I will post again to update you on how I am holding up being away from my hubby. Ciao.

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