Sunday, June 8

Quick Update

I just wanted to post a quick update. I am doing... okay. Alright so I admit I cried a bit when I had to go to bed by myself, but I am much better now. The Licurse are adopting me for today and on Wensday and I have lots of plans to keep busy. Oh, one more thing, I realized that I am terrified of showering when I am home alone. Too many of those scary movies have the girl in the shower and then the scary music starts and then BAM bad guy attacks. My poor dog has been forced to sit in the bathroom while I shower (with the door locked) oh and the cell phone in the bathroom to call the police if the need should arise. All so I can shower. Randy needsd to get home soon or I am going to start to stink. I will update you later because you won't want to be around me. hehe. Okay so I will keep showering, fine. I could hear your grown of disgust through the computer. Bleack.


Robin said...

lol! It gets lonely when you're by yourself. I hope the week passes quickly for you.

Lisa said...

If Daniel's not home and I need to get clean, I bathe. That way at least I could hear the psycho opening my door and coming up the stairs... ;-) lol You can come and shower at my house if you want, I don't care. :-)

Becky said...

When is he coming back?
We have a nice comfy guest room you can use anytime. Tom will be out of town some this week and we could have a slumber party if Randy's still gone Thurs/Fri. . . or you can come during the day if you want.
I have different fears than the shower one while Tom is traveling. I have fears that I will have a heart attack or something and Paul will wander alone through the house for a few days before anyone finds out I'm dead.