Sunday, April 5

How to fit a garden in a Kia?


It also requires multiple trips. Our first trip was to the brick yard to pick up some cement blocks to help us build up the garden. Then we headed to Lowes and bought about 50 cubic feet of dirt and some cedar chips and Randy stuffed all of that into the back of our Kia. The tires were an inch from the wheel well. We literally couldn't have fit one more bag of dirt into the car, talking about good guessing on what our car could fit on my part. I did get a little nervous that we wouldn't be able to get everything in as the car started to fill up. Upon arriving home, Randy put the bricks up and we started to fill our new above ground garden. After getting the dirt and such ready for planting, we took another trip to Lowes and bought seeds, tomato plants, a strawberry plant, and a rhubarb plant. We excitedly scurried home and started to plant our hopefully new area of plenty. So far the seeds are coming up great, we have even had to do some thinning recently. We have bush beans, zucchini, snap peas, watermelon, carrots, lettuce and spinach growing, along with the plants. Chonkiri has already gotten himself in heaps of trouble over the garden. All he wants to do is get into it and dig up the plants and eat the dirt, so we had to build a fence as well. It was my idea to plant flowers in the cement blocks around the garden.


The Olsen Crew said...

You inspire me! We want to have a garden so bad, but our neighborhood is built on an old landfill, so we're prohibited from planting food. I love your idea with the cedar block flowers- and I'm very impressed on how you packed the car! sweet!

Carolina said...

I am impressed! The garden looks good. That is some precision in calculating what was needed, what you could fit and the packing of it all into your car. Way to go!

Joshua said...

Besideds being stubborn, Swann's are born with an inate ability to pack! Way to go Idaho!

The garden looks very nice! I'm excited for you. (I was also born with an inate desire to to be critical. I don't know if that is a Swann thing or just a Me thing.) So, for my critque. The only thing I would have done different would have been offsetting the cinderblocks so that they weren't stacked one right on top of the other. It would have made for a stronger wall. Anyway, I'm done.

It looks very nice, and yes I am jealous!

P.S. You should check out Ryan's Facebook. He was a cool picture of his thumb. He decided to cut it while doing yardwork the other day.

Randy and Sarah said...

We wanted to offset the blocks, but we did not get enough blocks to do that. We calculated the exact amount that we needed with out any extra. It is our own fault. Thus it is what it is. Live and learn. We will do better on the next one we build. We are thinking of building two more more smal gardens with similar conctreuction. We did ge tone wall offset. :P

Joshua said...

I do that all the time. (Live and learn, that is.) I always want to do a project over once I complete it, because I've thought of a better way. I've done a sprinkler system in our front yard twice already, and am redoing it again this year! Good luck on the gardening! (Although you won't need much luck, gardening is in the genes.) I'm surprised you don't have an acre of corn planted somewhere. ;) Love ya