Friday, April 24

What we've been up to

Because it is late (hey I get up between 4 and 4:30am), this will be quick. I will post again soon with pictures okay:). Last weekend was our baby shower and it was a blast! One of the biggest and bestest surprises was my mom and sister driving down from Utah to surprise me and spend the day with me. I nearly cried I was so happy. I love my family!
Lately Randy and I have been spending a lot of time on Ebay buying cloth diapers. A surprisingly large group of people make all in one (meaning no cover or pins needed) diapers and sell them on Ebay. I have already purchased about 38 diapers (roughly 3-5 days worth). I am getting more used to and okay with the idea of cloth knowing that we will be using the all in ones rather than having to figure out how to fit a squirming baby into a folded diaper, secure the diaper and get a cover on.
In other baby news, the Amby Baby Hammock arrived today! It is what we are using for the baby to sleep for the first 9 months to year. Here is a link to the Amby Baby site if you don't know what it is.. I put it together as soon as it got here. It only took me 15 minutes including the time to find the stupid wrench. Randy really needs to organize his shed (well it is partially my fault because I more or less threw all his tools out of the house because they were EVERYWHERE, okay so it is all my fault. Definately playing the hormonal because of pregnancy card to get out of that one). I love this hammock. I even practiced putting a baby in and getting a baby out of the hammock with George (my baby doll from when I was a two-year-old). Pictures to come.
Randy has been up to school school school. He only has 2 weeks left of this semester, whoo-hoo! Today he got the last of his homework, etc. done. All he has left to do is keep studying for and then take his finals.
Okay, I'm off to bed. Maybe Randy will get pictures up tomorrow.


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

I have always wanted one of the baby hammocks they just look soooo darn AWESOME. I would be VERY leary with the hammock when the baby can start to sit and roll over is there a way to secure the baby in some how? If you guys are tight on space you should get a mini crib. I will ONLY use thouse now i love them :) Ebay has a great selection on AIO diapers. Im proud of you for actually taking the plung and doing it. Most moms want NOTHING to do with them.

The Olsen Crew said...

I sure look forward to your posts in the coming months (provided you have the time/energy to do it, which you'll find because you'll be so excited to brag about your baby!). That hammock sure looks neat- let us know how baby likes it! And Kudos to you for clothe diapering.. I am one of those wimpy mothers filling the landfills. You guys are gonna be awesome parents :D

Destiny said...

If you are interested in cloth, I know of a couple of Etsy site that sell cute AIO. If you sew, you can also buy the patten.

Leann said...

OH MAN! I totally know that feeling. I complain and get so frustrated with Matt, and then 10 mins later, I walk back in the room and say... "Sorry, but I'm pregnant!" And just this last time, he said, "I'm tired of that excuse." But it is REAL! It is not JUST me!