Friday, April 10

Spring Break

Because all of my classes are in Flowing Wells buildings, we have absorbed their schedule, thus, this week was spring break for me. YIPPY!! It so happened that Sarah had three days off in a row as well. We decided to take this opportunity to go visit family in Phoenix/Mesa area, also referred to as "the valley." We stayed with Sarah's Grandmother Tuesday night. Being the week before Easter we went to the Easter Pageant on the Temple grounds.
Sarah and her Grandmother at the pageant

It finished at about 9:30 so we got home late. We went to bed at about 10:30. We had promised Grandma to show her our blog and save it in her favorites so that she could access it whenever she wanted. The next morning after returning from breakfast, we showed her how to do it. We had to help her figure out what was wrong with her Internet, turns out you have to push a button on the laptop in order to sign on to the internet.

Showing Grandma how to do something, I think we were in her email at this time.

We both did not want our pictures taken again, thus I stuck my tongue out hoping to deter her from taking it. Plan backfired, Sarah liked this picture.

We had lunch with one of her Aunts and Uncles and then proceeded to Goodyear to visit my brother. Sarah watched our nephews at "Little Gym" with my sister in-law while my brother and I walked around and talked.



Oh no, looks like we have another Adam in the family. (Adam does not like his picture taken.)

We love our nephews and enjoy the time we get to spend with them. They never seem to think that it is enough time, but we do what we can do. After "Little Gym" we took everyone out to eat at Olive Garden. The boys were so exhausted by the end of the night that the two oldest fell asleep or started to fall asleep before we left the restaurant.

While waiting Sarah pulled the I'm pregnant card and got us all bread sticks. Tristan enjoyed them.

Before we returned Home Thursday afternoon, just in time for our appointment at the Birth Center, we played around on the teeter-totter.

I hope you enjoyed the videos, I did not know that Sarah did these, I thought she was taking pictures, which she did. I weigh so much more than my brother that we put two of his boys on the teeter totter and it was a lot closer. I still weighed more. It was a very fun trip and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

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