Sunday, April 5

How to get out of bathing the dog

I decided that the best answer to this question would be to finally get some updates rolling on the blog, thus making Randy happy (since he likes me to be the blogger), but more importantly getting me out of having to bathe the dog :). Muhahaha.

Since we are on the topic of the dog, here is a cute picture of Chonkiri from last month. Poor Chon was lying on the couch and he looked cold and kinda pathetic with his cute puppy eyes. So I wrapped him in a blanket and he curled up and slept all cozy-like. Such a cute puppy.

I so got the better end of the deal doing this blogging. I just heard Randy yelling, "no, no." I am a little scared to see what sort of trouble Chon is causing. Yea for blogging!

Continuing on... Chon has decided that he doesn't like all of the pricey toys that we buy him, his favorite toy is...

Yes, that his a bucket that one of our vines came in. He will play with the bucket for hours. He wears it on his head and runs around the back yard with it. He pins it down and growls at it. He also will throw it in the air and chase it. Our neighbor came over a while back and watched him play and said "so that is what he keeps doing." I guess the neighbor was very confused with all of the banging and growling. Yep that is our goofy dog.

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