Saturday, April 11

New Windshield

On our way home Thursday we got chips in the windshield from tinee tiny rocks flying off of a semi or being flipped up by a semi. Two of those chips quickly turned into chips larger than a dollar bill. Did you know that if your cracks are smaller than a dollar bill you do not have to get your windshield replaced. I find it odd that the smallest rocks caused such great damage when the windshield has been hit many times by larger rocks that did nothing to it. Anyhow the cheapest place I found out of the ten businesses that I called and were opened on a Saturday and did same day replacements was Tony's Auto Glass. The experience was great and I recommend them. They were about 40-75 dollars cheaper than the other places.

It is interesting that the smallest things in our life can often cause so much trouble. Especially when we are often hit with much larger adversities that we can bare easier than the smallest. The gospel of our Savior is a wonderful thing. We are given the tools necessary to bare these small burdens that we might make it thru this life. We are even given the opportunity to repent and become clean once again. This gospel is true and I love it. I can not imagine myself anywhere else in the world and remain as happy as I am.


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