Tuesday, March 11

My morning

0420: Alarm goes off, hit the snooze.
0425: Alarm goes off, hit the snooze but think, "I should get up."
0430: Alarm goes off, tell alarm it's too early, but get up anyway.
0435: Shower. Dry. Get dressed in scrubs, think "well, at least I get to wear almost pjs to work." During shower, Randy (the sweetheart) gets up, makes and packs lunch.
0500: Eat breakfast of mini-wheats, but want to eat Reese's puffs mmmm chocolate, peanut butter.
0515: Brush teeth. Look at clock, realize it is time to get going.
0520: Walk out to car, kiss Randy good-bye.
0522: Drive to work, call Randy during drive so I will stay awake.
0545: Arrive at work, say good-bye to Randy.
0600: Work, work, work

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