Monday, March 24

Re: Spring Break

Last week was spring break and I was able to lay tile in the bathroom, kitchen and front hall. Our tile was supposed to be in two weeks ago. That was changed to last Tuesday which was changed to last Thursday. Tuesday arrives and we go to the flooring store to find out if we can pick it up. The order was not shipped. We learned that the warehouse had enough tile to complete the bathroom so we picked it up. I tiled the bathroom that night and we stayed in a hotel for the lack of a toilet would have made it rather difficult to use the bathroom if we needed it in the middle of the night. I finished grouting, installing the toilet and the sink, and caulking on Wednesday. Thursday arrives and I call the flooring store to see if the order had come in, which it did. I tiled the hall Thursday afternoon and scraped the kitchen flooring off after moving the refrigerator and oven out. I tiled the kitchen on Friday and finished caulking and grouting everything on Saturday with enough time to move everything back into the kitchen. That was done in time to cook a wonderful Easter dinner for some friends. Anyhow we have some pictures of the finished product. Enjoy!!!


Front Hall


The tile color is warm green although it looks brown in the pictures. The bathroom ended up being a different dye lot than the rest of the tile so it is a little darker and looks a lot better. You can't really tell in the pictures.


Becky said...

That's amazingly beautiful! You guys are awesome.

Robin said...

the tile looks great!