Monday, March 17

Spring Break

This week is spring break and I get the oportunity to tile the bathroom floor and the fron hall. the kitchen will be done as soon as we get the last of the needed trim. here are some pics of the job in progress and I will post pictures of the job when finished. The bathroom had three layers of linolium tile and the front hall had old linolium tile underneath the carpet. the original linolium tile was that ugly gold and brown color that was ever so popular during the era that our house was built

Sorry about not gettingthem turned I did not download them on to the computer before I posted them. But hey you get tehm idea. After I got all of the old flooring off I scrubed the floors with a high concentrate solution of ammonia and water. The original flooring stunck to high heaven.



Becky said...

oops, forgot to warn you that that black stuff under the old flooring sometimes has asbestos in it. Hope you wore a dust mask or respirator. Good luck tiling and make sure you don't hurt your back like Tommy Danger!

Joshua said...

When you are done doing tile in your house, come on over for a visit. I've got some tile work you can do for me!