Tuesday, March 25


So, I haven't posted in a while now; Randy has been doing all of the updates lately. Didn't he do a great job on the tile! I love looking at it. But now I want to get the rest of the house done something fierce. Hopefully early this summer we will do the addition, carpet, and tile the dining room. Anyways, this is my last week of orientation as a nurse, then I am given my wings. I have been working on my own for about two weeks now, but after this week it will be official. My preceptor has been great to work with. I have learned a lot and now I feel ready to be on my own. I will technically only have 4 week of orientation. Usually, they give new nurses 6 weeks. But, I have been in the graduate nurse proram since January. They don't count orientation as starting until the VA officially recognizes one's nursing license. I feel ready to be on my own this week, with only 3 weeks of orientation under my belt. It feels good to love my job. I am able to serve the best people in the world, our country's veterans. What an honor! Well that's enough rambling from me for a while.

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Robin said...

Thats great Sarah,I'm proud of you. You are ready to be on your own now.