Tuesday, March 11

Don't clean your sliding glass door.

So Randy and I went to the dollar theater (actually a dollar on Tuesdays) and we saw a movie(classic, seeing a movie at the theater). It was about 9:45pm when we got home. Thus, dark outside. So today I was in a cleaning mood so I swept, mopped, vaccumed, did dishes, and washed windows. Okay, so we get home, Chonkiri is in the backyard. He likes to go to bed around 8pm, so he is very eager to go inside and go to his "room" (crate) so he can go to bed. I get to the door to unlock it and he is trying to push his way through, very tired puppy. So I unlock the security screen and open the security door, the dog goes to run into the house and he slams into the sliding glass door. He bounced off and left a smear mark and everything. I guess I cleaned the slider too well. Oops. Hehehe! Moral of the story is, leave the sliding glass door dirty!

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